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Orgone energy accumulation blankets, or orgone blankets, are a great addition to the domestic well-being kit.


Are you feeling anxious, exhausted, frazzled or achy after a day of work? 

Spend 30 min under the orgone blanket.


Are you feel a cold coming on, or is arthritis bothering you?

You will be glad you got an orgone blanket at home.


From Anxiety to low mood, from stiff joints to wound healing, the orgone blanket will be a soothing aid for your family (and even the pets!)


The orgone energy accumulators were invented in 1942 by Dr Wilhelm Reich. He was Sigmund Freud's favourite student and later became a naturopathic doctor and lifelong researcher. 


Although ignored by western medicine, the ancients certainly knew about the lifeforce energy, described in many traditions and referred to as Chi, Qi, Prana or Kundalini. 


Webbel's orgone products are handmade in the UK in small batches or to order. The aim is to be mindful of planetary resources and natural, functional & local materials first. You can find more details in the FAQ section and product description.

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To fully support our customers, we’ve compiled a comprehensive collection of the most frequently answered questions. Take a look below, and if your question isn’t covered, don’t hesitate to reach out.

What is Orgone and how does it work?

Orgone energy is cosmic lifeforce energy. The fundamental creative force is long known to people in touch with nature and speculated about by natural scientists, but now physically objectified and demonstrated. We can feel orgone, measure it and even photograph it. It is physical energy and not just some metaphysical hypothetic force. The orgone exists in an accessible form in the atmosphere, and in the vacuum of space, all living creatures, weather systems and plants respond to its pulsation and movement. Western Quantum science finally confirms the healing energy force that ancient cultures have been tapping into for a long time.

What is an orgone blanket?

Dr Wilhelm Reich invented the orgone accumulator as part of his lengthy research on the life force energy, which he referred to as orgone. Orgone accumulator blankets are portable devices with many life-positive effects on human plants and animals. 

Orgone accumulator therapy has spread worldwide from humble beginnings by Dr Reich and a small circle of students. It has now been applied by every kind and form of health practitioner and self-treatment for ordinary people. 

Biology also keeps stumbling into the same bioenergetic and cosmic phenomena; however, today, Chinese medicines, acupuncture and Europeans brought life energy straight back into the forefront of modern biology and medicine.

Here at Webbel's, we have created these healing blankets to the best possible energetic specifications. We designed orgone accumulators that are comfortable, lightweight and easy to use whenever you like. 

Which materials do you use to make these orgone blankets?

The materials in these products are carded sheep wool from UK farm stock.

British made steel wool. 

The blanket's outer fabric is unbleached cotton.

Our soft covers are organic double gauze with an OEKO 100 certification.

Both fabrics are sourced from within Europe.

All packing materials are easily recyclable. 

We are sourcing all other products as local as possible and strive for the highest sustainable credentials. 

Do you offer custom made products?

Yes. All products are made by us, here in the UK. We can offer blankets in custom sizes and with thicker accumulator filling. If you would like custom made blankets please use the contact form for your custom request.

I am running holistic health workshops/ blogging about alternative healing. Can we talk about collaborations?

Yes, we are looking forward to hearing from you here.

What is your return policy?

We are sure you will love your Orgone Blanket, however, if you got a query, please get in touch with us, and we will help resolve any problems. 

Our products can be returned within 14 days of purchase. We recommend you use an Insured and signed postage service. We can only refund products that are in new and resellable condition.